Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoctorWellington?

DoctorWellington works with clinics to give you affordable healthcare. Your monthly membership fee of $49/month covers all primary care (think: high blood pressure control) and urgent care (think: gross sinus infection) visits. These visits can be done in a partner clinic OR online via video or chat. Most labs, tests, and procedures are also included in your membership. If it’s not, you’ll pay a low, near-cost price and be told ahead of time that it will be an additional charge. You don’t pay a copay and will not get surprise bills.

Wait, primary care and urgent care, in the clinic or on my phone, REALLY?

Yes, really! While in clinic visits can be great, nothing beats the convenience of handling a medical visit on your phone.

What is included in my subscription?

Your DoctorWellington subscription gives you membership access to 16 clinics scattered across Alabama. It covers visits in those clinics or telemedicine visits that are with providers in those clinics. Most labs, tests, and procedures are also covered. For example, x-rays and stitches are included! If something is not included, you will pay a low, near-cost price.

What about prescriptions, imaging and labs?

Prescriptions are not included with your DoctorWellington membership. Your pharmacy can run your prescriptions through your commercial health insurance.

Most x-rays and labs are included. If you require other imaging, such as an ultraspound, you will be referred to an imaging center. The imaging center can bill you through your commercial insurance.

What all can I do via telemedicine? And when?

You can have any visit that does not need physical attention. (We can’t give you stitches over the phone.) If the provider does need a test run, they will write an order for you to come into the clinic and have it done. When you arrive at the clinic, you just have to show your DoctorWellington membership card and ID.

We have extended hours 7 days a week:

Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am-9pm

Really, I can do Primary Care via telemedicine?

Tests and labs require you to go to a clinic, but the actual visit itself can be done via telemedicine. You know how you go to the doctor’s office, get some stuff drawn, then sit there and wait to talk to the doctor? And then the doctor can’t tell you much because your labs haven’t been run? Yeah, we hate that, too. We also hate having to drive BACK to the office and paying ANOTHER copay just for the doctor to talk to you about your results.

DoctorWellington is respectful of your time and knows you have a lot going on. You can go into the clinic for your labs and then discuss the results in a video visit or chat visit.

What about my yearly physical?

We have two options for how to do your yearly physical. When scheduling your yearly physical, you will walk through the Wellness Wizard and determine which is right for you.

  • Option A: you take surveys online, get labs drawn in a clinic, and schedule a telemedicine video visit for your wellness review.
  • Option B: you schedule an appointment to come into a clinic. Everything will be done there. After your lab results are back, the provider will message you with anything not reviewed at your appointment.

If I want to go to a clinic, where are the clinics? When are they open?

We have partner clinics all over the state of Alabama. You can click on Locations from the menu bar to view all of our locations as well as their business hours.

I’m sick and it’s late or the weekend, can you help?

Yes! We have extended hours on weekdays and weekends. You can choose to walk in a clinic that is open or schedule an appointment. You can also take advantage of our virtual video visits or chat during the following hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am-9pm

Do I have to have appointments or can I just walk in or start a start a virtual visit?

You can make an appointment if it is more convenient for your schedule. You can also just walk in a clinic during opening hours. For virtual video visits and chats, you can start a visit and be connected with a provider in a short amount of time.

If I do want to schedule an appointment, how do I schedule an appointment?

Simply click on Start/Schedule an appointment from the home screen or My Appointments page. You will enter in the reason for your visit and walk through the scheduling process.

You cannot schedule an urgent care appointment.

Do you take major medical insurance?

In general, we do not bill through medical insurance. We work without the insurance companies to give you the best pricing. Without the price inflation that billing insurance creates, we are able to offer healthcare for cheaper than your insurance may bill you!

We do collect your medical insurance because it is sometimes required to allow our Care Coordinator to make referrals. For example, if you need to be referred to a specialist, you will want to be billed through your insurance.

Can I go as many times as I want?

State regulation does require us to limit the amount of times you can be seen with your membership. You can view the details of your plan’s limits in Your Account.

Can I do as many telemedicine visits as I want? Can I do as many clinic visits as I want?

Limits for patients include a certain number of credits. Telemedicine visits do not use as many credits as clinic visits, so we always suggest having your visits virtually whenever possible!

How do referrals work, and will you coordinate with other specialists?

We have a centralized care coordination team that handles your referrals. They communicate with the specialists for you to arrange appointments. The care coordination team messages you through the portal if they need any additional information, need you to take any next steps, or want to let you know your appointment has been scheduled.

Can HAS/FSA funds be used for membership?

Typically no, but please reach out to your insurance company or employer’s Human Resource Department to see if coverage is available for you.

If I am young and healthy why should I pay for a DoctorWellington membership?

Healthcare includes prevention! It’s great that you’re young and healthy – let’s keep it that way (well, at least the healthy part). Your DoctorWellington membership includes your yearly wellness visit, which tests for early signs of various conditions. It also includes your urgent care visits for the whole year.

Why pay for DoctorWellington if I have health insurance?

Many insurance plans these days are high deductible plans. That means you have to pay thousands of dollars a year before they will start to cover the majority of the cost. DoctorWellington costs less than $600 per year and can cover 80-90% of your healthcare. You will probably be saving money!

Should I still maintain medical insurance if I become a member of DoctorWellington?

You should think of DoctorWellington like health maintenance costs – think of putting oil or gas in your car. You don’t run those through your car insurance. You use your car insurance when a major catastrophe – such as a car wreck – strikes. Similarly, you should have medical insurance in case of the unexpected health crisis.

How do I use the telemedicine features and when can I use them?

You can start a video visit or chat visit by clicking on “Start/Schedule a Visit” from your home screen. Choose the reason for your visit. If your visit reason qualifies and you are trying to start a visit within open clinic hours, you will be presented with the option to start a video visit or chat visit.

I tried to start a visit, but the option of a video visit or chat visit is not showing up for me! What’s up with that?

Your reason may fall outside the scope of telemedicine visits. You may also be trying to start a visit outside of available hours. If the issue persists, please Contact Us! We want to help you.

How long does it take to get replies to messages?

Our care coordination team serves as message traffic control. They direct your message to the right person if they cannot answer it themselves. Our care coordination team typically works Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. However, sometimes a provider may need to address your question. For that reason, most messages receive a reply within 2 business days. Messages are not intended for emergencies or urgent matters.

What is included in a clinic visit?

A clinic visit includes triaging with the medical assistant (including collecting your vitals) as well as anything else necessary for your particular visit. Some visits (like stopping by the clinic to give a urine sample) do not require a visit with the doctor or nurse practitioner, but full in-clinic visits do. You can find a list of what labs and procedures are included here (link).

How does my yearly physical / wellness visit work?

We have two options for your yearly physical/wellness visit.

  1. You can fill out our online survey, swing by a brick-and-mortal clinic to have your blood drawn for labs, and then video chat with a provider to review everything in your wellness review.
  2. You can schedule your visit at a nearby clinic and have your labs drawn there, along with a quick discussion with the provider. When your lab results are processed a couple days later, the provider will message you letting you know anything that wasn’t covered in the visit. The provider may want to call you to follow up with you about some unexpected results and talk about adjustments that may need to be made.

The choice is yours!

Are there conditions you don’t manage?

Like most family care providers, we are unable to manage complicated health concerns. We cannot list everything that we cannot manage, but some things that are included include: Type 1 diabetes, COPD, and psychiatric issues (you will be referred to a psychiatrist).

Can I cancel anytime? What are the details of that?

Yes! You can cancel at any time.

What if I go over in usage?

If you are a super healthcare consumer, you will have to pay an overage rate per service you consume.

Can I add a child?

Yes! You can add your children for $10/month per child. We do not serve as a pediatrician, but your kids can use us for urgent care. X-rays, stitches, colds – they’re all covered with your DoctorWellington kid membership! Keep in mind that once a child is added, he/she cannot have their account canceled until the end of your membership year.
Children can only be added to an adult’s DoctorWellington account. A child cannot have a stand-alone membership.

What does an under 18-year-old ‘child’ account cover (or not cover)?

Once your child turns 18, their account needs to be swapped over to an adult account. From there, we can handle the member’s primary care and urgent care needs, just like we handle yours!

What about immunizations?

We do not currently offer immunizations. However, if you are traveling or are behind on your immunizations, your provider can write you a prescription to get the immunizations at a participating facility, such as a pharmacy or health department.

What about durable medical equipment like a walking boot?

We offer durable medical equipment at a low cash-pay rate. If you need equipment like this, the provider can let you know how much the cost will be before you commit to purchasing it.

What happens when my child turns 18?

When a child turns 18, they are required to open their own DoctorWellington portal account with their email address. They are no longer eligible for the $10/month child rate. There is no cancellation rate for their child account expiring.

Why can’t I change my email address associated with my account?

Your email is your unique identifier that prevents you from having duplicate patient accounts. It keeps your medical record all together attached to one profile. Therefore, you cannot change your email address without creating an entirely new account. This is why we require email verification during the registration process.

If you have special circumstances, please contact us.

What about refunds?

Refund policy: Subscriptions and charges are non-refundable unless there’s an error.

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